My Story

I’m Tuyet Tran.

I grew up believing that I couldn’t make money in art.

That I should study science and prepare to become a doctor instead.
And so I did.
I went to school at UC Davis and majored in something called Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB). Basically I studied how the human body works and why we do the things we do. While I enjoyed the sciences and had the grades to go to medical school, deep down I knew that science wasn’t for me. I liked it, but it was not a subject that I was naturally drawn to, not something I felt the urge to study every day of my life.
Art was different.
Even while I was majoring in science, I was still taking art classes on the side. Art was still tugging on my heart all throughout college. Still, I decided to teach science for about a year after graduation.
Why only a year?
Well, everything changed when one of my friends convinced me to sell my art with her at a convention. The energy, the people, the reaction towards my work…I LOVED IT ALL. Knowing I was making a difference in people’s lives simply by creating art that came naturally to me that they could relate to as well was no doubt one of the greatest feelings for me. EVER.
And, yes, I made MONEY from my ART too.
This is when I knew that I never wanted to write a new resume for another job again.
Because now, I believe in things a little differently.

I believe…

…in the power of visualization

…in the transformative power of positivity

…that all changes begins with self

…that when life becomes difficult, LOVE will always prevail

…And most importantly…


I hope–no, I BELIEVE my work and stories will inspire you to listen to your inner voice, follow your own dreams, and learn to accept and love yourself for who you are.

So what are you waiting for?

Would you like to see what I’ve made for you?